Product classification
  • Earthmoving
  • Tower crane
  • Concrete
  • Agriculture
  • Forklift
  • MEWP
  • Foundation
  • Mining
  • Optimization of trolley frame: Through finite element analysis, the dangerous section of the trolley frame is strengthened and designed, and the safety factor is increased by more than 30%;

  • Adopting a new appearance design, the overall shape is simple, generous and novel, and it is matched with a new color scheme of aurora green, gravel gray and star gray with Zoomlion characteristics, which is more beautiful as a whole and has a higher paint quality.

  • The pilot control is adopted, the control is light and flexible, the control force is reduced by 60%, and the labor intensity of the driver is greatly reduced

  • 30% improvement in wind resistance

  • 30% increase in climbing speed

  • 30-year equivalent life

  • Comprehensive safety

  • R-generation intelligent electronic control system

  • Energy Saving : Self-adaptive variable power distribution control technology.

  • High-Reliability : Key parts and components, after 100,000 m³ concrete assessment.

  • High-Reliability : Working condition adaptive pumping mode switch, the chance of pump block reduced by more than 50%.

  • All indexes and performances meet the European technical standards

  • 230HP High pressure common rail high end diesel engine

  • 40F+40R interval power shift gearbox

  • Be provided with whole machine all-electric hydraulic control system with the function of fault self diagnosis

  • The automatic PTO function enables the tractor to release and combine with the PTO clutch automatocally when turning on the turnrow

  • Advanced dual control system (valve control + pump control) offers a energy-saving, smooth and efficient control.

  • Accurate and efficient traveling AC drive system provides strong power and stable control

  • Large capacity tube battery + fast charger for longer battery lift of 5 years and working time, the charging time is less than 8 hours.

  • Only model with standard 360°continuous rotation in the same meter class features higher work efficiency. 

  • Fixed mast support. Equipment can be transferred easily and quickly.

  • Rotary drive with three motors, which ensures large torque, high reserve coefficient and stronger construction capacity.

  • High construction efficiency thanks to big flow main pump, multi-gear rotary drive.

  • More stable structure and stronger bearing capacity thanks to large supporting angle of the mast cylinder, lower center of gravity, and reinforced chassis.

  • New generation cab with better vision, more comfortable operation, new electrical controlpanel.360 full view monitoring.

  • Options: Auto-lubrication, spin-off.

ZT118 Mining Dump Truck
  • It is a product tailor-made for open-pit mines;

  • High efficiency & Fuel saving: Optimum power system;

  • Hydraulic Retarder, Engine Cylinder Braking Technology & Dual circuit braking system;

  • 20% higher braking torque for the whole vehicle;

  • Greatly meets the low-speed and heavy-duty requirements of users;

Construction Cases